Revamp flagged for discrimination act ahead of gay marriage vote

Revamp flagged for discrimination act ahead of gay marriage vote


The Federal Government says it will seek changes to anti-discrimination laws around same-sex marriage after it became the subject of a complaint from gay and lesbian Australians.

It c바카라사이트omes less than 24 hours after the Attorney-General’s Department said it would take action following complaints from gay and lesbian advocates that anti-discrimination laws were not being implemented.

The Attorney-General’s Department said it was aware of an alleged case involving two gay men and would “follow the evidence and make sure this is dealt with”.

The Attorney-General’s department did not detail the complainant’s identity or date of birth.

It declined to say whether this was a federal anti-discrimination complaint, saying only that it was in “ongoing conversation with the relevant authorities”.

The Australian Marriage Equality movement’s executive director Andrew Tobin said it was “unthinkable” that the Government would ignore an earlier complaint.

“I’m sure some people will say it’s an attempt to delay it but I don’t think it is,” he said.

“The Government is being very cautious and very deliberate about whether it’s going to take the same steps as it did before and whether it’ll engage in the conversation, you know what the arguments are,바카라사이트 or whether the Government’s response has already been met.”

Mr Tobin said t더킹카지노he “nearly six month wait” was the “worst possible thing” for LGBTIQ people.

“For the many Australians that have already been forced to live with the consequences of this law in full, I hope that the Government will take those actions and make sure that we don’t feel that you’re being treated as second-class citizens,” he said.

In response to the complaint about the age discrimination laws, the Federal Opposition leader Peter Whish-Wilson said the Government was simply “not listening”.

“I don’t think the Federal Government is going to respond in any way that would lead it back to being a champion for people who are discriminated against, whether it’s because of their race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or family size,” he said.

“The Government should take care of the people that it comes into office to.

“This government has been elected with the promise of change, but for many Australians, the Government has no intention of making that change because it’s too difficult to change the laws they’ve been told they need.”

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